Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is a simple, non-invasive way to significantly lighten and enhance the shade or color of your natural tooth in order to beautify your smile. Having whiter teeth has become a top aesthetic concern among patients. A whiter more enhanced smile personifies character and builds confidence, dramatically changing everyday interactions with just a smile. Tooth whitening systems only change the color of your natural teeth, therefore any changes in pre-existing fillings or metal restorations should be done after whitening to achieve a uniform aesthetic result.

A professional whitening procedure can:

  • Improvement of overall shade
  • Remove severely stained teeth, eg: coffee, tea, tobacco
  • Remove stains due to medications such as tetracycline
  • Correct fluorosis (excessive fluoride treatment during tooth development)

What does tooth whitening involve?
There are 2 basic ways to whiten your teeth. Custom whitening trays are by taking an impression of your teeth. Precise instructions are given prior to dispensing trays and whitening kit to minimize risk of sensitivity and maximize result. This method although highly effective requires several applications to achieve the desired result. The greatest advantage to this method of treatment is the ability to touch up your shade at home without having to schedule an appointment.

The second way to whiten your teeth is with a very effective in office whitening system. In office whitening systems are highly effective materials that protect the soft tissue while dramatically changing the shade or color of the tooth. This method usually takes about 2 hours and dramatically improves the color of the tooth between 3-4 shades lighter. In office whitening is a great to start and then maintain with a Custom whitening tray system. Please note as with all whitening systems, transient sensitivity is a common but temporary complication to tooth whitening. Oral home care instructions along with emphasis on regular dental visits will aid in the longevity and health of your new smile.

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