Digital Radiography

Digital X-rays have made a huge breakthrough in dentistry. With more precise images than ever before, diagnosis and treatment planning has become easier than ever. The clarity that digital X-rays provide allows us as clinicians to better educate patients. With the use of digital x-rays the amount of exposure to radiation has decreased dramatically. Research shows that with the use of digital x-rays exposure to radiation is decreased by 90% when compared to conventional radiography. The use of digital x-rays eliminates the need for patients to bite down on sharp squares of film while fighting the impulse to gag.

A small sensor can be easily moved around the patient’s mouth and the images are instantly displayed on the computer screen. With the use of digital x-rays, there is no film to process therefore it eliminates the need of storing harmful waste chemicals still used with conventional x-rays. Our practice is a leader in state of the art technology to aid in a more accurate diagnosis of any areas of concern.

Intraoral Radiography

An intraoral camera is a small video camera that can take still pictures or videos of specific areas on the outside of the gums or tooth, without any radiation. The camera is protected with a disposable protective sheath for each new patient. Instantly, images of areas never before seen are available for you and your dentist to discuss, leading to better patient education and understanding of their mouth. In addition to a great diagnostic tool, the intraoral camera is a fantastic educational aid, allowing patients a view inside their own mouth that has never before been possible.

Laser Dentistry

A dental laser is a small, compact device that has revolutionized modern dentistry. With the use of a dental laser, procedures that were once invasive and painful, are now simple and painless. This small device generates an accurate beam to the affected area, with little or no bleeding or swelling present during the procedure and afterwards.

Indications for use of Laser:
  1. Cosmetic correction of smile, including shape and size of teeth
  2. 1. Gingival Pocket Reduction
  3. 2. Soft tissue curettage
  4. 3. Painless gingival re-contouring
  5. 4. Sulcular debridement

Midmark M11 Sterilization Center

With the emergence of many aggressive and infectious organisms, there is an ever increasing need for efficient and effective instrument processing. Since patient care and safety is our highest priority, we strive to maintain our practice on the forefront of dentistry providing patients with state of the art Open Sterilization Center. After instruments are used, they are thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed to remove any surface debris.

Following this process they are submerged in a cold sterilization tank and properly packaged in preparation for Sterilization of instruments in the Midmark M11 under steamed pressure over 132 degrees Celsius. This method ensures True Sterilization, which is defined as the absence of all living organisms. Since the instruments were pre-packaged prior to final sterilization there is no risk of cross contamination when the sterilization process is completed.